Editorial Team

Marián Kabát (Editor-in-Chief)


Marián Kabát is an assistant professor at the Department of British and American Studies, Comenius University in Bratislava. He has long been involved in the localization of software products and in new technologies in translation academically as well as practically. In addition, he also focuses on the boundaries between localization and traditional forms of translation, the training of localization, post-editing, and the use of new technologies in translation. In 2020 he was awarded the Rising Star Scholarship by GALA. He is also a member of the scientific board of CTTL-E.


Mária Koscelníková (Deputy Editor)


Mária Koscelníková is an assistant professor at the Department of Translation Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. She mostly researches the theory of video game localization (general and Slovak), video game criticism, video game history, and audio-visual translation in general. She successfully defended her dissertation, which was on the translation specifics of video games (planned to be published as the first comprehensive book in Slovak on the topic of video game localization). She has also published in the Journal of Internationalization and Localization. She regularly reviews publications on the topic of localization for Acta Ludologica and is an active translation practitioner.


Katarína Bodišová (Editorial Assistant)


Katarína Bodišová is an active translator, as well as a member of the editorial board and a reviewer for the journal Press Start, a journal focused on video game studies. Her research focuses on video game localization and its potential future with indirect translation and machine translation. In practice, she mainly works on localization of software, websites, and video games, as well as SEO translation, subtitling, and marketing texts.




Zuzana Hudáková (Editorial Assistant)


Specializing in English, Latin, and Ancient Greek, Zuzana Hudáková is a master’s student of translation and interpreting at Comenius University in Bratislava. Her background as an English teacher has enriched her understanding of language nuances. Her current focus is on translating, proofreading and editing English texts. She is dedicated to pursuing a career in translation, aiming to merge her linguistic skills and teaching experience.



Milan Velecký (Editorial Assistant)


Milan Velecký is a master’s student of Translation Studies aimed at English and French at Comenius University in Bratislava. He is an avid gamer, an aspiring researcher in the field of video-game industry, and a freelance translator with a focus on software & website localization, technology, and all the marketing text surrounding it.